Pressure Washing Los Angeles

Pressure Washing Los Angeles your local pressure washing companies since 2000 with influence in customer service satisfaction. Our company a fully licensed, insured and certified by the Los Angeles Public Utilities Commission. We are happy to serve both home and business area, also public areas all over Los Angeles California. Our high-quality equipment will give all your needs for cleaning all your homes and building walls and grounds.

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Residential Services

Most homeowners fail to wash their home regularly, that allows disease, dirt, mold. As well as mildew to become deep-seated into the sidings of the property. That not only give the house's beauty and curb appeal. However, it lowers the property and destroys its outside look. To have a house pressure washing service regard the lowest cost home upgrade project with the highest return on investment.

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Commercial Services

The looks of a business play a crucial role in a customer's decision whether or not to buy a product or enter the business. Hence, the looks that you represent to your customers is the first thought that you may give on your customers. And will figure out what they expect to see inside your business. That is why it creates a great buying power if your place is clean but also stop slips and falls and other accidents. Which may lead to lawsuits and hurt the business honor. To maintain the level of cleanliness on a regular basis will lessen repair cost. Our pressure washing equipment will take away grease, harmful dirt, gum, pollution. As well as, more before the damage caused by growth can occur.

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Graffiti Removal

Pressure Washing Los Angeles trains in graffiti removal services in Los Angeles and throughout the Bay Area. Our expert certifies and experiences in removes graffiti on different surfaces. It is essential to take away the graffiti within the first 24-hours, as soon as possible. The quick the graffiti removed from the surface, the less chance the building property will be hit again. Our pressure washing services operate 7-days a week 24-hours a day. In that case, we are ready every day and all day to take away the graffiti from the property.

In essence, call us and experience our power washing services Los Angeles that will surely meet your satisfaction.

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Establishments We Serve

We serve all residential and commercial locations, including homes, sidewalks, shopping malls, office buildings, restaurants, gas stations, industrial, and more. Whatever your need, we can do it.


Pressure Washing Los Angeles has been servicing Los Angeles for less than 20-years. We give service both home, business, and public area. For us there is no big is too big or too small for us. We are proud of doing quality work for our customers to meet their needs. It is either on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We have modern high-quality equipment and great products so that we may give you the best result at a fair price. Our strikes for perfection and will always go that extra mile to bring it to you.


Our mission is to strive to be the best local pressure washing companies in Los Angeles. We can reach this by aiming to exceed each customer’s expectations. While giving an uplifting surrounding for our employees to excel in.


To be the busiest company giving all the needs in Business and house pressure washing services the whole community of Los Angeles. And all the part of California and another near state of America. As well as, known as an honest and with good quality in pressure washing leaving no stain and mess. Using the latest equipment in technology to give the best ever service that no one can give.


Now with 20 experience employees be able to accommodate almost 5 customers in a day. This increase depends on the space of each project. The van that they have each project is complete in machine and materials able to finish the project in less time. His expert does not just work excellent but also quick and clean.

Owned and operated by David Lewis since 2000 with one purpose, to give a clean surrounding in their community. Until one day when his friend asks him to help him clean their business area because they look dirty and ugly. He rents a high-power pressure machine to clean the area. He is able to clean it and able to pay him. From then on he desires to put it into a business.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

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